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The below is a collection of thoughts and projects that are more off the cuff. I’ll be posting things about my travels, quick projects and day-to-day inspiration.

Burning Love


I helped my friend come up with illustrations to go along with her podcast about love at Burning Man.

As she writes it:

Burning Love: A New Podcast About Falling in Love in the Dust and Trying to Bring It Home

Burn long enough and it will happen: you’ll fall in love out there.

But once we return to the land of hot showers, plain clothing, and real responsibilities, can playa love last?

Falling in love at the Burn can leave you with a spinning head, a soaring heart, some serious emotional whiplash, or…unwelcome burning sensations. Whatever the outcome, these stories of playa love all try to answer the same question:

What just happened here?

In their luminous transcendence and flaming destruction, they’re not always easy tales to tell. But we try anyway: like Burning Man itself, these experiences melt us down and reshape us. They transform us from who we were into who we are.

Burning Love is a new podcast exploring what happens when love lights up the playa and we try to bring love home from Home.

The Below illustrations go along with a story about a pair of star-crossed soulmates other people. Since the story is about an affair she asked that their identities remain anonymous so I created these digital paintings from photographs provided to me of the couple.

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