Melissa Cetlin




Agency: Blue State Digital (NYC)  // Role: Designer, Freelance // CD: Alexandra Lezberg
Clients: UNICEF, Google, Accion, Ford, US Olympic Committee

Agency: Deep Focus (NYC) - Moment Studio // Role: Designer, Freelance // AD: Ron Lent
Clients: Lay's, Pepsi, Pernod Ricard (Absolute, Malibu, Seagrams), Nestle (Purina, Nespresso, Beneful)

Every morning, the agency team — of designers, copywriters, an AD and a Comms. Manager — assembled, newsroom style. Tipped off by a Trends Analyst, we’d rattle off the trends and cultural milestones of the day, and then collaborate on what fits where for the ~20 brands we touched. After rallying, we’d part and parcel creative concepts, shape-shift them to optimize for respective social platforms, then take our assignments based on workload. Each designer (i.e. me) designed two pieces of content each day, for day-of or next-day production, and within one week, that work would go to market. Whatever the art needed, we’d work the magic within a half-day.