Melissa Cetlin

Direct Mail

Agency: Berlin Rosen // Role: Freelance Designer
Clients: Democratic & Labor Rights campaigns //  AD: Michael Digiacomo

Through three campaign seasons, I made ideas mailbox-ready, dreaming up a full style suite for many candidates (color, scheme font, etc.) as well as working within already created guidelines. Working under tight deadline, I often ideated and submitted first drafts within the same work day. As each campaign progressed, we’d continued with consistent styles for each candidate or issue, tracking the changing demo of audience makeup and speaking to the different constituencies uniquely through familiar visual cues (Portland merited more creative treatment; and every candidate in NYC had her/his own character). I exercised brand building -- in character and aesthetic -- while trying to keep things fresh and modern, without all together shattering expectations for political mail. (It doesn’t have to be stale or boring, but effective is effective).